The Green Tec Kitchens Difference

Is your cooking oil supplier diligently working to REDUCE the amount of oil you use, thus REDUCING the amount you SPEND on your new oil?

NO, most likely they are looking for ways to get you to buy more.

Is your waste oil collection company actively seeking ways that will help you get the most out of your oil, even when it means that they will have less to collect?  Are they helping you to prevent spills and filth in your disposal area?  Are they concerned about your clean kitchen?

Again, the answer most likely is NO.

Is there a company that has  a plan to reduce the safety risk your employees face as they manage your fryers?  Or can help in reducing your workman’s comp claims?

YES, and we are proud to call ourselves Green Tec Kitchens

At Green Tec Kitchens we made YOUR goals OUR goals. By delivering quality, safety, and savings our patented total oil management program provides our customer with one of the safest and efficient oil management programs available today.  Read more>>>

Our Total Oil Management System is Designed to:

  • Support you in the delivery of a superior fried product.

  • Reduce the danger of oil related accidents and injuries.

  • Lower the cost of your fryer operation – Up to 70% Savings!

60 Day Trial Advantage

Take us for a no risk test drive and save a guaranteed 20% over your current costs...

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  • REMOVES accumulated Free Fatty Acids, Oxidized Fatty Acids, Peroxides, Aldehydes, Alcohols, and Fryer Cleaning SacramentoKetones.
  • REMOVES dissolved, suspended fats and other foul tastes and odors.
  • REMOVES sediment and carbon.
  • REDUCES total polar compounds.
  • REDUCES cooking oil costs.
  • REDUCES kitchen labor.
  • REDUCES accidents in the kitchen.
  • REDUCES workman’s comp. rates.
  • MANTAINS sanitary deep fryers.
  • PRODUCES crisper, better tasting food

Prevent Oil Accidents

  • We are the first Outback Steakhouse to purchase the ZECO PRO 3 Series - Mobile Batter Operated Oil Filtration & Transport System. Purchasing the ZECO PRO 3 now allows our staff to safely wash our fryers, filter our oil, and transport expired oil with one machine. The ZECO PRO 3 is very user friendly and most importantly, extremely safe because of the battery operated, cordless feature. Additionally, with double onboard filtering, we have also seen our oil consumption reduced by nearly 50%. Our fried food quality is consistant and our food compensations have also been reduced. Transporting and pumping our waste oil is the safest it's ever been because of the sealed tank and battery operated pumping. We are extremely satisfied with the performance and results and would highly recommend the ZECO PRO Series for your total oil management solution.  
    -Chris Dippong, Proprietor 0317

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